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Envoland Waste Recycling Plants

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Taiwan based Envoland manufactures and exports around the world waste plastic to fuel conversion plants, pyrolysis recycling plants, automatic municipal waste garbage treatment (MSW) plants and biomass recycle plants featuring zero waste processing plants - zero pollution and zero emission.

Envoland manufactures & exports effective state of the art patented recycling plants

Envoland waste car tires processing system

Waste Tire Pre-Processing Plant

Envoland provides the complete plant machinery for the whole process of waste tyre processing; from drawing out the steel wires, tyre breaking, 40 mm rubber chips and reuse.

The system is highly efficient and has excellent performance. NavRight

Envoland sunflower

Biomass Energy Plant

Envoland Biomass Energy System can either be used directly via combustion to produce heat or indirectly after converting it to various forms of biofuel. NavRight


Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Envoland has designed a set of technologies based on the features of waste macromolecular materials to convert biomass and plastic wastes into renewable fuels. NavRight


MSW Sorting Plant

Envoland’s sorting systems convert complex and varied municipal waste sorting streams into high quality, separated and marketable output.

It adopts leading waste sorting techniques, for the separation of  various substances: plastic, paper, metal, fabrics  and inorganic substances from domestic waste. NavRight


Landfill Waste Sorting Plant

Envoland waste sorting systems converts waste from landfills by excavation and separation to obtain waste plastic such as waste plastic bags and plastic products.

This waste plastic can also be fed into our Pyrolysis fuel system to obtain fuel, diesel and gasoline as renewable energy. NavRight


Organic Fermentation Plant

Farms and human habitations create a variety of organic wastes.

Envoland’s objective was to design a very high speed fermentation plant to concentrate and purify those waste organic materials into high grade organic fertilizer which could be used to improve soil fertility. NavRight

Taiwan -“There is a case of plastic recycling in Taiwan, which turns the recyclate into literally green gold. How do they do it?

From fake hair to football jerseys and building bricks, plastic recycling in Taiwan means breathing new life into its massive plastics waste, creating a booming new business at the same time as it aims to go green. The island started recycling plastic more than a decade ago amid growing environmental concerns, and today it boasts about 73 percent recycling rates, according to the cabinet’s Environmental Protection Administration.

Last year, nearly 180,000 tonnes of used plastic were collected and turned into raw materials worth 4.5 billion Taiwan dollars (140 million US), which cut down garbage disposal costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

With all of the above said, many countries should learn from plastic recycling in Taiwan and the green practices that make money as well. This is the essence of sustainability – when all  financial, environmental and communal benefits are met.”

Credit: Excerpts from “Taiwan turns plastic junk to ‘green’ gold“, AFP

 ‘Envoland can assist you turning your waste into green gold’

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